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AD-Land Corporate Video Production Services

We do first-rate Corporate video productions and excellent multimedia.

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Video Production

We are a top South African video production company. AD-land focus on corporate video production for businesses in the mining, industrial and corporate milieu. We deliver on marketing and promotional digital video production services in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and abroad. We always strive to bring you the best communication tool for your needs.

AD-land can deliver on a full array of video productions to meet all your needs.

  1. Corporate video production: The answer for Business-to-Business marketing for your company. Corporate video increase your visibility in the market and the productivity of your sales forces. A Corporate Video will help you to send a constant message to the marketplace.

  2. Training: Teach, motivate and put your employees in the picture the easy way. Training has become the key in the changing business milieu. All needs to happen faster and video is one of the best ways to train your people.

  3. Safety: Boost personal and machine safety on building sites, mines or in your factories. Safety induction helps to make your own people, as well as contractors and visitors alert of key danger points on your site.

  4. Induction - Show new employees your organisation’s operations and people. To bring a new employee up to speed in your business can take months. A well-structured induction video will speed up this process quite a bit. Admin people can get an overview of the conditions their equals in the field have to face.

  5. Product: Arm your sales team with videos that show off your product and services. Product videos can make the life of your clients much

Not only do we produce a corporate, safety or training video. We make sure that we know your business, the market that you want to reach and the core advantage that you offer to your clients.

In addition, Ad-land brings a range of skills and benefits to our clients, they are:

We know that the communication with your market must be unique in offering, interest and solutions.

You need imagery and sounds that will impress your client - on a factual as well as an emotional level.

We are marketers at mind and creators at heart. We make sure that there is a balance between quality offerings and creative input in all our services.

“I recognise from the quality of the project that this was not a simple task. Please know that the effort was not unrecognised and that the end result is priceless” - From a member of the audience.

Our job is productions that will fulfil your needs.

Each job we receive gets the full attention of our production team. It does not matter how big or small the production is. The product we deliver is our shop window to the world as much as it is yours.