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Allocate the best resource to your sales people.

A corporate video is still one of the best marketing tools. There is no alternative to a well written and precise executed corporate video production. This is exactly what we can deliver on.

corporate video production

To quote one of our Global clients:

"The new Induction DVD must be one of the very best company/corporate DVD’s that I have been involved in the production of in my 25 year marketing career. I compliment you and the team on this. It has also been a pleasure being involved with this."

The Offer

Corporate Video

With an impressive client list, new clients can be assured of a quality product that will live up to their standards. We can produce corporate videos on low budgets, if the expectations of the client are not very high. This is the reality of a video production; a good quality video production takes time. It is the showcase of your company, and a direct reflection on what your company can deliver.

Marketing Tool

A corporate video is an easy way to show prospective clients the capabilities of your company. Combine this with product specific videos; you get a direct marketing tool second to none. A sales tool for your marketers that can be used to convince clients that your product is the one that they need.

The Final Product

Our final product is a professional finished CD or DVD, ready to play on most computers and DVD players, packaged to suit your needs. A well-presented package enhances the probability that your Corporate Video will be viewed.

Corporate Video

The audio-visual business communication material of choice.

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At AD-land we have one philosophy we adheres to, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, if you can't, get an associate that can.
Hennie Visagie

Video production – The process:

In this range of articles we are going to attempt to give you a broad overview of the steps to follow when you plan to do a corporate video production. As one of the more expensive exercises you will undertake, it is also one of the most effective marketing tools you can create.

The platforms you can use a corporate video have expanded during the last couple of years. It ranges from a one on one presentation to the internet, reaching millions of people.

Taking this into consideration, you want to produce a corporate video that will make an impact on your audience.  We hope that this series of articles will give you an insight into producing your corporate video.

Should you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Advertising with corporate videos

Resources for you our valued clients:

When it comes to creating a video there is a lot to think about. Here are a few resources you can use.

Planning your Corporate Video:

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The ad-land video:

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The use of video

Corporate Video Production

The style and direction of corporate video production.

The costs involved in producing a corporate video.

The production process.

The recourses needed from you as the client.

What to expect from a video production studio.

The final product.