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Budget for your Corporate Video

To do a budget for your Corporate Video can be based on your previous experience or you can follow a costing approach. If you or the company you have worked for have produced a corporate video before, you will know more or less what you can expect to pay. Many companies have a benchmark in terms of per minute costs that they are prepared to pay. To my mind this is a reversed strategy – You determine what you are going to get based on previous productions.

The best approach for me when I was still on the other side of the fence was to get budget quotations for the projects we wanted to do. All the suppliers were informed that it is a budget quotation and that there is a possibility that nothing will come of it. The promise was always that they will get the opportunity to take part in the final selection.

The costing of producing a Corporate Video always includes an element of guesswork. The only way to give a definite price is if you have a script written. If you do not have a script, there is always the possibility of missing things. The problem is, when you do the production and you did not budget enough, who is footing the bill?

A standard approach followed by production companies is to break down the production into elements that you can predict cost for. We do it as well, that is why our contact page asks for the basic information. It gives an indication of what is expected of us.

These basic elements are:

  • Scriptwriting – Determine complexity of the video
  • Number of locations – Determine the amount of shooting days.
  • Voice over
  • Actors
  • Duration of video – With scriptwriting and number of location determine the time needed for editing
  • Format of final product

You can get rates for most of the elements from the internet to get an idea of what your video are going to cost, but it always better to get the opinion of an expert. We are more than happy to help companies in this process with only the promise to be included in the final pitch.

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At AD-land we have one philosophy we adheres to, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, if you can't, get an associate that can.

Hennie Visagie