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Voice over for corporate videos

Voice over for your video production is one of the most crucial elements in your production. There are basically two routes you can follow, male or female, easy as that, or is it? My personal opinion is that a voice should fit the images that you are going to use.

You cannot use a female voice in heavy industrial videos. You need a strong voice as you want to covey that your product is strong and can withstand rough terrain.

One experiment we have done was to use a combination. This worked very well as it have given a welcome change in the video.

In South Africa there are companies that act as agents for voice over artists. There are also some of them that work on their own. What ever route you take, the rates normally stays the same.

Most artists have demos you can listen to and the companies that represent them have it on the internet for convenient downloading.

Clients that are doing the corporate video must approve the voice. The costs can ran away very quickly if you have to redo them.

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