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Induction Videos - Saving time and money

Induction of new people is a time consuming affair. For national companies the task became daunting to give a new employee an overview of the company. This is where a well structured induction video or presentation can save a lot of time and money, making the original investment negligible.

induction video production south africa

Induction VideoFor small and big companies it is always good to show administrative and production peoplewhat happens in the field so they can develop a better understanding of the real application of the company's products or services. The money spend on a well structured induction presentation is mostly returned in better employee morale and productivity. We produce induction videos for companies to the highest quality.

The Final Product

Our final product is a professional finished CD or DVD, ready to play on most computers and DVD players, packaged to suit your needs. A well-presented package enhances the probability that your video will be viewed and your people will be proud of the production.

Induction Videos

We are involved in:

  • Corporate Video Production
  • Mining Training Videos
  • Industrial Video
  • Agriculture
  • Nature
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At AD-land we have one philosophy we adheres to, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, if you can't, get an associate that can.

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