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The Top Reasons of Why Online Video Marketing Works

Why you should use video on your website

Some people ask us why we advertise our services online with video. The answer is simple, videos sell videos. No amount of graphics or text can illustrate our services better than the productions we have produced.  

Here are a few reasons why we think video will work for you.

  • Video is a interactive media that can show your products in their environments working in real life. Marketing your product or service on your website will allow you to interact with your prospect clients without lifting a finger. You can show them the benefits of your products without ever having to meet with them. Generating real leads and leading to business.

  • On the internet prominence and visibility plays a big role in getting your business noticed amongst the millions of websites out there. Creating a corporate video and submitting its information to Google will alow it to be indexed in the search engine as a video clip that relates to a search for a specific keyword.

  • Using your videos online will increase visibility in search engines for your website. It is a simple trick that can influence the flow of traffic to your website.

  • Nothing can compare to the professionalism a video portrays , Your website may be very well designed with a great corporate look but what your website visitors want is an inside peak into your organization. Having a corporate presentation online will enable visitors to view your company’s strengths and understand your business better.  In essence your branding and corporate look is strengthened by online video marketing

  • The focus is on marketing when it comes to online videos, but it can be used in training, safety induction via a intranet site or internal induction of new staff members. Video can be used in a wide variety of business areas that makes it a versatile tool.

Seminars can be pod casted to anyone within the company that cannot attend shareholders and clients can be invited to view important press releases live on your website.

Video conferences are growing on a day by day basis with cell phone video calls and commercially available conferencing tools that allow you to video call coleus anywhere in the world.

The technology of video is ever changing and at AD-Land we stay up to date with all the latest solutions video can offer you.