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We produce a training DVD that will meet the client's need for quality. It delivers messages that will educate your staff on safety, the company itself or the industry as a whole.

Education and training is the key to viability, growth, and sustainability in any industry.

Above all, in South African, where skills are hard to come by and people have a need to be developed.

training video production south africa

Video in not the answer for every thing, but most things works very well on video. Nothing works better than hands on experience. But video can set up a worker for what lies ahead, better than any other media.

Ad-land delivers training DVD's that deal with the need for the expansion of skills and sustainable growth in the competencies and skills of your staff. With a notable client list, AD-land produces quality Training DVD products for new clients that will live up to their standards. We can do a video on a low budget.

Training Video Production

Our tips for creating a training video

A video should be straight forward and to the point. Create videos that deliver your message to the viewers efficiently. The audio/visual media can show almost anything in a number of languages. When producing the video we always keep in mind the viewers are there to learn. Our training videos do not just meet the bare minimum quality standards, but aim to surpass it. Training Video Production

A training video should be used for support. If you distribute it to train your client's workers; it must be presented in a way that it uses the chance to make them feel better about you.

Final Product
Our final product is a CD or DVD, ready to play on a computer and most DVD players, with a design and package to suit your needs.

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