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Has high definition video arrived in South Africa?

What are the effects of High Definition Video on productions

Remember the days of VHS? Most of us will, as well as the sudden change to DVD. When the DVD’s first appeared in the video stores, it was a matter of months before the prices of the players and disks dropped to an affordable level.

The price of the first DVD writer I bought was R3 500-00. Today it is close to the price of a Blue Ray writer.

The only difference between the shift from VHS and DVD and now DVD to High Definition is that the format differs. Unfortunately a huge difference in terms of video production. The old SD 4:3 (Standard Definition) footage cannot be converted to HD 16:9 without loss of picture quality and some picture. The upside is that high definition can be down sized to 4:3, although you will loose some of the picture.

What does this means for companies that have invested in video and planning to do more video?

In the local industrial and mining market there is still old technology in use by people who cannot even play a DVD on their computers. So for some time we are safe with the present SD footage we have.

When shooting new footage you could consider one of the HD formats that can be converted to SD. At least you will have the new format footage when needed.

There is still a place for SD video, especially in the corporate market as it is used to promote products and companies, for training and safety videos and induction video.

The quality of SD is still good enough to deliver a clear picture and that is all you need.

The picture quality of HD is unquestionable better than SD, but the need of the client should be considered and the best option followed.

It will be still some time before the DVD become obsolete in South Africa.

Main page > Articles >Has high definition video arrived in South Africa ?