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Production explained

The word production is coupled to many things in production. In or world production have to do with video production. The production process in video productions is split into a couple of production faces.

Pre – production: The production face where all the preliminary tasks of scriptwriting and production planning are done.

Production: Under production we normally classify tasks like filming, voice recording and music selection.

Post – Production: Post production includes editing, graphics and animation as well as the final sound mix. The production of the final format of your video is also done here.

In a nutshell the production process of video looks very easy but the producer spends many hours thinking about the production. The look and feel of the production, marrying the needs of the client with his or her own creative process and ability produce a specific video.

The production process is often hampered by the client. When the producer of the production needs approval in a production schedule, it is there for a reason. If the client delays the approval, the production can get delayed by weeks. This always impacts on the cost of the production.

The production of a good video requires the commitment of both the producer as well as the client. Neither one of them should put pressure on the production process as this will hamper the quality of the end result.