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Making a successful video production

Producing a video for your company is an exciting but challenging experience.  With a few simple steps you can already start planning and organizing your video before you contact a video production company.

To get the most from your video production, we will be taking a look at a few wasys to make your corporate video a great success.

Start with the end result. The first step is to work out what exactly you want your video to achieve. Design your video around the desired result and the type of audience you have in mind. A corporate video is designed to show of your company but if no goal is set for the video the message within your video will be lost.

Write a brief or tender. Once you know exactly what your video must accomplish set out to explain to video production companies what exactly you want. Formulate a brief that specifies your objectives, target audience. The languages you will need it in and the types of shots you would like to see in the video production (helicopter shots, close ups, interview of staff.)

Start planning ahead. Set dates for completion and if you need your CEO to make an appearance in the video make sure to schedule time for the interview. Organizing materials like photos, press releases and product brochures will make sure that the video production company can get to work the moment you decide on a professional videographer to take on your project.

Get your branding on video. Your corporate image is important, it is part of the message your corporate video communicates. Leaving your audience with an impression of what type of business you are and what to expect when doing business with you is the primary function of any corporate video production.

Make sure your video production company can deliver quality. The quality of a production reflects the quality of your product/services. If the quality of your video production is not good enough it can leave your audience feeling uneasy that your company is not quite right and breed a sense of distrust in your message. Use professional video production studios that use broadcasting quality equipment with a good graphic artist. If you’re unsure about how to go about choosing a video production company read our section on choosing a video production company.

Create a clear message. One of the most important parts to creating a video production is to have a clear message that you need to get across. Work out a 5-7 work message specifically targeted to your audience, and develop your video around it.  If your video is to long people will ignore it. Essentially, make sure you give your audience the information that they want and need to know about your company.

The Script. The script is the backbone of your video production.  It’s  always a good idea to spend some extra time reading and editing the script. Most video production houses will be able to write a script for you but the fine tuning is left up to the client. A script is needed to be complete before any filming can begin. The script acts as a guide for what shots need to be taken. The best type of script is sharp and revolves around your message. The quicker you can get your message across the better result the video will deliver.

Assign someone to manage the video. A designated person from your company will need to be avalivle to work with the video production company and give them all the information thy need. The production house will do most of the work but gaining acsess to sites and offices is a problem in todays high security corporate environment. The script needs approval, and help with organizing coppies of your logo and other relevant materials for the pre production stage.

As mentioned before get an experts advice. Ad-land is a professional production company and will be able to advice you on things like format and filming requirements. We can take your brief and come back with a range of suitable suggestions.  Contact us today and find out how we can facilitate you in creating a video production for your company

Main page > Articles >Making a successful video production