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Tips when making a Training Video

Educate, inform and motivate your staff.

  1. The script is your starting point in any training video, getting the right message across. 

    Speaking in the language they understand. 

    Make sure the video stays fresh with new forage do not use the same clip over and over again.

    Use graphics and titles to keep their attention and emphasize key points.

    Use lots of overlay shots, this explains procedures in more detail

  2. Find the best way to engage with your viewers

    Use a professional voice for the narrator to talk the staff through what’s happening.

    Do not use complicated dissolves and effects in the video, this distracts the staff from the message
  3. Make sure you have all the footage you need.

    If a voice-over mentions a form on the video make sure that there is a shot of the appropriate form being filled in.

    when explaining safety procedures ensure that the person or actor is wearing the right safety equipment.

    Make use of 3D animation or trained stunt men to illustrate any kinds of dangers and what could happen if the procedure is not followed.

If your business has a diversity of people use titles in English and have the voice over in their native language.

Provide a summary of what was discussed at the end of the video.

This will account for any specific procedure, situation or simulation being presented to the staff.

Main page > Articles > Tips when making a training video

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