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Use video to improve safety

When you think of safety, it concerns proper procedures, the correct PPE, and general awareness of the dangers you face in a work place.

From my personal experience, the way a company normally approaches the subject is with many pamphlets and fancy power point presentations.

When we arrive at a client that is looking for a safety video they normally show us their presentation of +- 100 slides and a stack of paper work that looks more like a bible.

This is great if you have an accreditation or need to be ICO, 9001 accredited but not very practical when you need to teach your workforce how to be aware of dangers and have them know about safety measures that are in place.

How you can utilize video

The use of video is in our opinion the best way to educate your workforce on all these aspects. Using a safety video, you can demonstrate the safety procedures that employees need to execute in the event of an emergency. Lay out what safety measures are in place to educate new staff.

Another option is that you can have the video in a workers native language. This ensures that the workforce understands the video and the importance of safety.

With the use of animation videos, you can also demonstrate the risk in operating equipment without the correct personal safety equipment.

Video is an affordable alternative

Spending money on safety is a given, every year you improve on some safety aspects and a few new ones rock up in front of your door requiring you to adjust your strategy. This means every time something in your organization changes you have to reprint the brochures or change the presentation, send your staff for retraining. Video however is timeless; the same safety video (if made correctly) will be in use year after year.

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