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Video Can Improve your Business

The use of video has changed over the last few years, from exclusive use in big corporations or broadcasting to a interactive media that can be found anywhere on the internet.  This shift has resulted in new and innovative ways to use video.

We highlight, 5 Great ways you can use video.

  1. Increase Sales with Video Testimonials. The best way to draw new clients is by showing them that your current clients are satisfied with your services.  A satisfied customer promotes your business to others.  Video Testimonials offer new customers the needed insight into your business to make the decision of buying. Honest testimonials from your existing clients are a valuable selling tool that sells your products or services on your website or in existing marketing presentations.

  2. Visualising concepts and products. A video demonstration or graphics can explain a product or process in action with minimal effort, with the help of 3D animation you can show just about anything from dramatization of a accident scene to the construction of a complex building. These video’s work great to demonstrate products for investors.

  3. Establish Your Company as a Market Leader. It’s no trick but a old idea. Companies have been using video for decades to communicate with customer, investors, and employees alike. In today’s world of You Tube, viral video marketing a company without a video soon find themselves left behind in the dust. Imagine you have to choose a service provider, would you trust a bunch of white papers or a video that shows the capabilities, staff and professionalism of the company.

  4. The Corporate Video.  Getting your message across when making a sale is paramount for succeeding in selling your products and services to new clients.  Corporate video production is powerful because within 3-5 minutes you can give a prospect client a full overview of your business. That is why video is the preferred medium of choice when communicating your business directives, strengths, and capabilities. No matter what your businesses size a corporate video will give you a professional way of selling yourself.

  5. Training, Induction, and Safety.  Utilizing video production in these three aspects of business has a few advantages but the most important, saving on time spent in training and induction. Using a safety, training or induction video as a major part of your educational program will insure that every employee hears the same message. Give them a better understanding of what will be expected of them and ensure that the information is available to anyone that needs the information.

Video can play a major role in your business, improving marketing, public relations, attracting investors, cut down time spent on induction and training, and even improving safety on site. Video Productions deliver a great range of benefits. Contact us today and we will help you improve your business

Main page > Articles >