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Video Production Planning

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Planning a video is the most important part of the entire pre-production stage.  Although 80 % the final look and feel of your video will be determined while editing it, there are two aspects that will dictate the scripting.

  1. Determine who your target market is.
    Your audience will determine what you can and want to say

  2. Set the goal your video must accomplish.
    The goal will determine how the video is executed.

Main elements in creating a video

When you set out to create a video there are a few key elements that need to be completed.

The runtime of your video.
Choosing the length of your video is the first step, runtime determines the cost involved in the production process. The key here is to determine the shortest time you need to convey your message. Few people have 1 hour to watch a video, but an induction video can be 1 hour.

The writing of scripts and story board.
This can be either be done by the production company or by the person within the organization responsible for public relations, marketing or in the case of an induction video the HR department.  The script has to be written in a conversational manner to come across as if the information is being told.

Identifying of shoot locations. T
his is done by analyzing the script and deciding what shots are needed. This requires some planning and informing of site managers so that the store room or site can be cleaned and ready for shooting. Make sure the location is clean and neat and all employees are dressed appropriately.

In the event that shooting will occur in a high risk environment like a construction site make sure the videographer is educated in your company’s safety policy and has the proper PPE at his disposal.

Choosing a Voice over artist is critical part in the video, a professional voice in the chosen language or gender will affect the atmosphere of your video.

The selection of stock photos and music, will set the pace and flow of your video. 

Ad-land delivers on all the above mentioned elements of a video production, contact us for an obligation free quote.

Main page > Articles > Video Production Planning

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