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Choosing a video production company

When you are looking for a video professional to do your next video production here are a couple of pointers you might want to use.

  1. How does his or her work look like? Does it fit in with what you are looking for? Every artist has a style and you must like the style of the video professional you are going to hire.

  2. Did he or she done work for major companies before and are they willing to give them as referrals.

  3. How does their window to the world look like? Is their website professionally designed and does it give you more information than just a selling pitch. This will indicate if they are willing to spend valuable time to inform and help you.

  4. Have interviews with the video production companies you have on your shortlist and choose the one you feel comfortable with. You are entering into a long term business relationship; make sure you make the right choice.

  5.  Do the production company understand your business and the industry you are operating in? This is important when you are doing a corporate video production.

  6. Are they honest with the replies to the questions you ask?

  7. Many video professionals cater for specific markets. The lesson I have learned when I was a marketing manager, is that you never use producers of commercials to do your training videos. The opposite is also true. Look for a "video production company" / producer that offers what you want.  
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We all have limited time, but you are going to invest your money – make sure it is with a Video Production Company that is not only interested in your purse.`

Main page > Video Production