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A guide to Promotional Video

Promotional videos are an essential internet marketing tool for any kind of business. The essence of a promotional video is to advertise your business’s advantages to potential customers.

The plus side of using a promotional video on a website is that you broadcast directly to your target audience unlike traditional TV commercials where you play the numbers game. It can be used through email, search engine marketing and video sites like Google and YouTube. At trade shows, conferences even public television advertising.

This guide will help you with producing a promotional video. With some planning you can produce a video that becomes a priceless marketing tool.

Identify the goal of the video.

The very first step is to think about what our video must accomplish. Here are a few questions to consider:

Who is the target market?
The intended viewer of any video has to be identified, in broadcast television time slots were specifically shaped for viewers but with the internet you have to create a video that will speak to your visitors.

What exactly will be shown in this video?
Will you be demonstrating a product or talking about the business as a whole. You can cover anything in a video, from testimonials of happy customers to the manufacturing process.  So choose what the focus of your video.

What do you want the audience to do after watching your video? Every video has to have a goal and that goal ultimately is the action someone takes after watching your video. Contacting your company for more information, sending the link to a friend.
Budget for producing your promotional video. To produce a high quality promotional video, you will have to consult a professional company for assistance. The best way to go about getting a budget is to get quotes from different production houses and comparing quality. Watch their show reels and see who offers you the best value for the best price.

What is the next step?

Plan Your Promotional Video
Once you have decided on a production house that will produce your video it’s time to enter the  pre-production phase of your promotional web video, you’ll need to plan out how the video will look and what elements to use like graphics, illustrations, actors, spokes persons, Voice over artists. All this is very daunting but have your production house give you advice on how to best portray your products or services.This process includes scriptwriting and finding the right locations for your video.

Here is a few ideas for your promotional video:

Video of your product in action- Website visitors thinking about purchasing a product love to see how it works or people using it.  Create a video of your product in action

Video clip of a recent media interview- Were you recently interviewed on television? If so as long as you receive permission you can display this video clip on your website. 

Video Testimonials- If you work with your client’s one on one or provide workshops, why not collect video testimonials from them.

Producing your promotional video
When the planning is finished it is time to get down to business.
By identifying exactly what you need for your video in the post production phase shooting for your video should go smoothly. A professional video production company will save you time and money by helping you to get the exact shots you need. This will save allot of time and money.
The Editing is where it all comes together and your final production video is completed.  Your final product will have to reflect your company, brand and have a purpose.

A professional production house will cover all the aspects of the production phase and deliver a video ready to be used in any kind of marketing condition.

A few tips for your promotional video

  • Keep your video short. A promotional web video should be less than 3 minutes long
  • Keep your video interesting. A variety of shots, angles and perspectives will make your promotional web video more interesting to watch.
  • Advertise your promotional video. Use your other marketing media, like newspaper adverts, posters, and fliers; show your promotional video at tradeshows.
  • Don’t overwhelm your website visitor.  Limit you’re elements to one or two per page and only use only one element that plays automatically.

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