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How we produce a production

A production company has one goal, creating brilliant videos for their clients. With every production there are always new challenges, choosing a professional production house will ensure that those challenges can be met with ample experience and the needed expertise.

Ad-lands approach to any production is based on focusing on the client’s needs.

We start by listening to our clients. Getting to know their business and determining what we need to do for them. With over 15 years of experience on our side we are equipped to handle any of your production needs. 

The client brief determines the length, budget, number of locations and skills needed for the completing of the production. Be it a induction, marketing, promotion or training production we need a clear understanding of what you want,  if you need a video production we will deliver.
Once we have established the cost, production length and the necessary skills. We set out to plan the production in full length.

  • The script.

Weather written by you for the production or by the production team itself, a script has to be proof read by someone within the company that knows the history, training procedures or products. The script is the foundation of the video and sets the pace for the voice, music and images.

  • The filming and post production.

Booking a shooting day is the easy part, but ensuring that the facilities are clean, employees are wearing the right clothing or protection gear is essential. Organising the filming of the production is a joint effort between the client and the production studio, with the client ensuring that the facilities and people are ready and the production team making sure they have all the necessary equipment.

  • The Voice over and music.

The voice over is recorded in a studio for best results, using an in house voice over artist may reduce cost but the quality of the voice may spoil the production as a whole.  The use of celebrities or professional artists can change the feel of a production. Using celebrities associate your product with their reputation is a risky endeavour due to the fact that you have no control of their actions. But a professional voice over artist can deliver a superb sounding voice for the production without running the previously mentioned risk.

  • The production itself.

The last step in the production phase is where everything comes together on the editing suite. The video is assembled and music track balanced, the shots are timed with the voice over, and the final product is produced. We make sure that every production is delivered on time and in budget.

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