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Induction videoWhat we need to know to give a quotation

Our standard way of operation is to make and appointment to get a proper brief on what we need to do. However, the general questions we will ask are the following:

  1. 1.      Audience

Who is the target market? Is it exclusively internal employees or will your external visitors also have to be accommodated? As this is two different audiences we will need to know to make provision in the structure of the induction video.

  1. 2.      Broad structure of the induction video.

What topics you need to cover in the video will ultimately dictate the duration of the video as well as the shot list.

You need to know the broad structure to determine these factors. Should you need help with this, you are welcome to contact us for guidelines and maybe a fresh idea or two.

  1. 3.      Duration of your video.

Once you have your broad outline you can now determine a how long the video should be to cover all topics.

  1. 4.      Script.

There are two approaches to writing a script. You can ask the producer to write the script from start to finish. The producer will then have to do the research on your company and conduct interviews with all the key decision makers. This cost money and take a lot of time. The alternative is to write a draft script that the producer can re-write to add his or her experience.  

  1. 5.      Number of locations and media.

Based on the topics you will be able to determine if all the shots can be taken on your own premises or if you need to do some shots at your client’s premises. This is important to determine if you need to get an accurate quotation.

  1. 6.      Use of actors or only voice.

This decision has an impact on the style as well as the cost of the production. Using an actor will increase the cost but it can enhance the production significantly. If you have the budget, you could decide to use an actor or use the money to enhance the production value with aerial shots or added locations.

  1. 7.      Language.

Multi language might be mandatory if you have unskilled labour. I have seen situations where a translator had translate from English to vernacular language. You will know if this is needed.

  1. 8.      Format of presentation.

I prefer to break induction videos into sections. Either with multimedia software or DVD menus.

When using DVD menus it is easy to have a continuous running video as well as one with sections.

  1. 9.      Delivery.

We need to know commencing and the delivery date, especially when you require a critical path and risk analysis.

Main page > Video Production