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Web Video - Your presence have become mandatory

The internet is becoming an important media and website videos are starting to play a role on websites. More than 90% of people visiting our website have broadband access to the internet. In South Africa it is still relatively expensive but this is starting to change and we see prices for broadband dropping all the time.

Many companies can take advantage of internet video or website video. From guesthouses to the biggest multi-national companies. There are no limits. Internet videos can carry a message very quickly and in person all over the world. There are also places where you can host your internet video for free, so you do not need to pay for the bandwidth. To host your video only on a site like You Tube is not ideal as it is always better to have them displayed on your own website where it is relevant.

The best part is that web video does not need to be very expensive. As with all video it depends on the requirements. A walk through of a guesthouse is quick to produce. There is no need for sound and lights and we charge accordingly.

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