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It’s not about us

When I look at websites there is one link that is just about always there.

About us and just about never what is offered to the client. It is as if everyone is shouting out, look how clever am I. It is more than ok if someone else say so and there are places where they can, independently from your website, total strangers will believe them.

So, it is about us, just in the right places where you build credibility and a reputation. It spares us the embarrassment to brag about ourselves. This is very close to a personal referral and sometimes better.

I rarely see websites that really tell visitors the benefits the products have for them. I personally have struggled with this one until I started with product videos. You do not have to say a word. The product sells itself, or not.

It is still difficult with a lot of products and services, but every small business owner should make the effort to define the benefits of their products or services and display it as prominent as possible.