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An industry broken? Can a website help your business?

Much are written about the death of websites. If you look at the response you get if you try to interact with companies from their websites one must agree that at least 99% are dead.

I have been a small business owner most of my life and I do know that the internet is not dying, and websites still have a huge role to play in the lives of small businesses.

This I know simply because we are running websites that daily attracts visitors and bring in business for their owners.

My opinion is that a lot of small business owners fell for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and a lot of (not all) web design companies and freelancers have milked them for years now. The result is that there are millions of websites out there that is sitting around doing nothing for their owners. The owners have become discouraged to a point where they will not even listen to the best advise they can get.

The result, an industry, broken by unscrupulous people to make fast buck.

The question I ask every time for myself because I need an answer as much as every other small business owner. Is it still worth it?

Yes, it is.

            It gives you a chance against the big companies.

Now more than ever people are using the internet to find products and services before they go and buy.

            There are still a ton of searches for specialized services.

            People still value personal service by someone who really cares.

People still recognize good service and will acknowledge it on public platforms. Trust in you and your business are created by these people.

If a website went into a downward spiral or never were in any spiral, can it be revived?

Again, yes and the sadness about it is that a lot of owners have given up hope and keep on paying the unscrupulous people instead of just killing it off and use it for e-mails.

The right thing to do will be to get some honest advice on you site and make the most out of it.