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Different offerings, the same basic stuff

To venture out and start something new can be exiting or very scary.
I do not like change because I have experienced it so many times in my life.

Most people know me as a Video Producer. Suddenly, I sell website hosting. The question is, is it so different?

No. The reason why I can say this with certainty is that I have always done list cleaning on the side for one of the best direct mail agencies around. Furthermore, we have built a successful computer repair business in between everything.

Three completely different businesses with only one difference in marketing them. The one is a local business, the other 2 not.

One platform or medium that I could not ignore was digital. It does not matter where your clients come from, you need to use it. This was the biggest opportunity in my lifetime. Suddenly, the small guy could compete in terms of marketing.

From my experience, on a low or no budget, digital marketing work best for those delivering a local service. You can outgun the big businesses if you do the basics right. Not local, you just need to do a bit more.

As long as you keep in mind it is not about us, it’s all about the client.